Published: Sun, March 17, 2019

Proposed bill would require Missouri residents to own an AR-15

Proposed bill would require Missouri residents to own an AR-15

A new bill recently introduced in Missouri State House would mandate that every state citizen within a certain age range own an AR-15 style rifle.

McDaniel also introduced a separate House Bill two days before HB-1108 that would require state residents to own a hand gun.

A resident, the language in the proposed bill states, is someone who is "18 years of age or older and under 35 years of age" who is not prohibited by law from possessing a firearm.

The bill defines an "AR-15" as "any semi-automatic rifle that is modeled on the AR-15 rifle design by AramLite, Inc".

McDaniel introduced both bills to illustrate his point about progressive mandates on firearms. That bill was introduced on February 26, two days before HB 1108.

As it's now written, McDaniel's AR-15 bill would also grant Missourians with individual tax credits to purchase their firearms.

On Monday, state lawmakers debated a separate measure that would allow concealed weapons to be carried in public places that now ban guns. Purchasers could then claim the tax credit on up to 75 percent of the gun's cost.

The legislation comes amid a session in which a top aide to a Missouri state senator was arrested after a loaded gun fell to the floor during a fight at a Jefferson City bar. McDaniel said the legislation "points out the absurdity of the opposite side", and their proposals to "add more requirements and barriers for law-abiding citizens". "Republicans should regroup during the spring legislative break and come back ready to do real work that moves Missouri forward".

According to the Missouri House of Representatives website, a hearing on the bill has not been scheduled and it is not now on a House calendar. One bill would require any adult who is legally allowed to legally can possess firearms to do so.

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