Published: Sun, March 17, 2019

Tensions rise over burials of New Zealand shooting victims

Tensions rise over burials of New Zealand shooting victims

Police also arrested an 18-year-old man, but his involvement was reportedly "tangential".

Khaled Mustafa, a recent refugee from Syria, had also been killed at the Al Noor mosque, Syrian Solidarity New Zealand spokesman Ali Akil told news website Stuff.

The death toll from Friday's mass shooting at two New Zealand mosques has been increased to 50, police said on Sunday.

Doctors worked round the clock to treat 39 people, including 11 in critical condition, for gunshot wounds and other injuries sustained in the attacks.

"But we are so aware of the cultural and religious needs. So we are doing that as quickly and sensitively as possible".

None of the bodies of the victims were immediately released due to the investigation, leaving families unable to bury their dead within the 24 hours customary in Islam.

The 28-year-old Australian man accused of yesterday's terror attack that left at least 49 people dead in Christchurch has appeared in court this morning, charged with murder.

Speaking on the email earlier today, New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said: "It was forwarded to us sometime during the day".

The AP also reported that Tarrant, who has donated to a number of white nationalist groups but has no other direct affiliation with them, allegedly was given personal approval by Breivik to commit the mosque attacks in Christchurch, though this has yet to be verified. All injured are undergoing treatment at Christchurch Hospital.

New Zealand's stricken residents reached out to Muslims in their neighbourhoods and around the country on Saturday.

"If this evil thinks we will stop going to our mosque here or stop doing our worship to our god, Allah, we can not ever stop", Linwood mosque Imam Ibrahim Abdelhalim said. "We are all here to help them in washing the body, putting them in the grave". There was no reason for anyone to purchase them besides "looking cool", said Rick, who hunts deer.

The massacre during Friday prayers prompted a heartfelt response from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who pronounced it "one of New Zealand's darkest days" and said the shooter, an Australian native, had chosen to strike in New Zealand "because we represent diversity, kindness, compassion".

According to the police, 41 people were killed at Al Noor mosque and seven at Linwood mosque while one injured died in a hospital. "We wish we knew your name to write upon your heart". We wish we knew your favorite song, what makes you smile, what makes you cry.

Footage of the attack on one of the mosques was broadcast live on Facebook, and a "manifesto" was also posted online that denounced immigrants as "invaders".

The gunman livestreamed 17 minutes of the rampage at the Al Noor mosque, where he sprayed worshippers with bullets.

Muzzamil Pathan arrived to offer his condolences for a friend, Imran Khan, who was killed at a second mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

Ardern said the main suspect was a licensed gun owner who used five weapons during his rampage, including two semi-automatic weapons and two shotguns.

She said: "I was one of more than 30 recipients of a manifesto that was mailed out nine minutes before the attack took place".

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