Published: Thu, March 21, 2019
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HP's Reverb VR headset throws high-resolutions at yer peepers

HP's Reverb VR headset throws high-resolutions at yer peepers

The HP Reverb boasts one of the highest-resolution optics in the VR crowd, so it should be a serious player when it comes out this April. The cable itself connects to a PC's DisplayPort and USB port, while a simple Oculink connector joins the harness with the headset. And finally, it features a 114 degree field-of-view, slightly above the 110 degrees of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Pro, respectively. It has integrated Bluetooth with pre-paired motion controllers, so users just plug in the headset to start the experience. But while most of the promotion will be focused on this enterprise version, there will also be a consumer version for $599. 'The HP Reverb headset is an wonderful example of the type of innovation we are seeing take place as we push forward and bring the next era of computing - the era of mixed reality - to the masses. Its successor, though, is not quite as affordable: Aimed primarily at the professional market, the HP Reverb doubles the resolution of its predecessor.

Going from demoing the Samsung Odyssey+ to the HP Reverb was like night and day. Additionally, the center of the lenses is now positioned closer to the bridge of the user's nose, and lens clarity has been improved by 33%.

While you might think an incremental increase in visual fidelity might not add much to a virtual reality experience, it actually made us feel giddy about VR once again. It was like we were seeing VR with fresh eyes - and in a way, we were doing just that. HP is also hoping to sell the hardware to theme parks so it can be used in gaming attractions. That choice is more than coincidental: The company is first and foremost targeting enterprise customers with the new device, with HP's global VR headset lead John Ludwig saying that the company got a lot of inbound requests from companies after releasing its first headset 2 years ago. Each of the Reverb's screens features 2,160 by 2,160 pixels (compared to the HTC Vive Pro that makes do with a resolution of 1,440 by 1,600), which amounts to a 4.66 million pixel count per eye.

The Reverb's specs give it an advantage over rivals.

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