Published: Thu, March 21, 2019

Joe Biden Has Nearly a Double-Digit Lead in 2020 Democrat Primaries

Joe Biden Has Nearly a Double-Digit Lead in 2020 Democrat Primaries

While former Vice President Joe Biden may still be conflicted about running for President, world leaders at the Munich Security Conference in February had fewer qualms. A Biden aide told the network that bringing a running mate onboard earlier than normal would show voters Biden is serious about unseating President Donald Trump.

Biden is laying some groundwork to build up a strong early fundraising, according to the Wall Street Journal, which earlier reported Biden's outreach. In these early primary states, Democrat voters favored Biden at 39 percent, Sanders at 28 percent, and Harris at seven percent.

But new polling by the University of Chicago's GenForward Survey Project shows that Biden now leads declared and potential Democratic presidential candidates in support among millennial voters.

"We're leaning into that moment" when Biden gives the green light, the source said.

Public opinion polls have him as an early favorite, with almost every measure of early support showing him leading.

One percent is the minimum level candidates must meet in three separate surveys in order to qualify for the Democratic primary debates, which kick off later this year.

The former vice president and the Vermont democratic socialist also lead in favorability among Democrat primary voters. Biden made two unsuccessful bids for the Democratic presidential nomination, in 1988 and 2008.

O'Rourke reportedly raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his candidacy, while Sanders raised $5.9 million within a day of announcing.

Waiting until after March 31 to announce his bid will allow Biden to avoid an April 15 deadline for candidates to submit fundraising disclosures about how much money they have raised so far.

The delay in launching also could be to allow Biden time to secure staff.

A spokesman for Biden, Bill Russo, declined to comment.

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