Published: Thu, March 21, 2019
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Opera for Android 51 Now Available with Built-in Free VPN

Opera for Android 51 Now Available with Built-in Free VPN

It's a free and unlimited service that Opera believes "marks a new standard for privacy and security in mobile browsing".

The built-in VPN creates a private, encrypted connection between your phone and the server with a 256-bit encryption algorithm.

As with any VPN, enabling it on a device helps to protect your privacy and offers additional security when using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. "By enabling Opera's browser VPN service, users make it very hard for third parties to steal pieces of their information and can avoid being tracked". Opera is now the only major browser that supports VPN on Android. Opera has also confirmed that the company won't be keeping a log so it won't be possible to identify users based on their online activity. As part of the version 51 update, Opera has now included a free, no-log, built-in VPN.

I have not used Opera as my web browser since the early BlackBerry OS days where Opera Mini ruled, but today, they announced some enhancements to their latest Android update that has me taking a look. Opera already has the built-in VPN for its desktop version, and now, the Android users can enjoy the benefits of VPN on their smartphones as well.

Turning on the VPN is as easy as tapping the new VPN icon at the top left of the browser and toggling it on. However, you can still try out the new feature by downloading the latest build from APKMirror. There is also an option called "Optimal" in the VPN settings that automatically selects the best network route depending on the location of users.

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