Published: Sat, April 13, 2019

India election officials orders Modi TV channel clampdown

India election officials orders Modi TV channel clampdown

"I call upon all those whose constituencies are voting in the first phase today to turn out in record numbers and exercise their franchise", Modi said in a tweet just after voting began.

There could be a slight delay, as the Supreme Court has ordered a random inspection of EVM results against the paper receipts collected from some polling stations.

The Congress on Thursday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi over remarks of his Pakistan counterpart Imran Khan that peace talks prospects with India were better if Modi won the polls, saying Islamabad seemed to have officially allied with Modi. Many people said they came out to vote only to express their disapproval of the BJP, calling it an "anti-Muslim" and "anti-Kashmiri" organization.

According to the ADR, the BJP - the world's biggest political party - received about $150 million in total donations in 2018, of which more than half came from anonymous sources.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi dismissed that there was a "Modi wave" in the Lok Sabha elections this time and said that the contest is "open" and anyone can win it.

Rehman is not off the mark.

Because of India's vastness, the election is run in seven phases beginning on Thursday with 142 million people able to cast ballots.

The main opposition Congress is leading the fight against the BJP, partnering with smaller parties in some places and elsewhere going it alone, hoping to bank on the charisma of its leader Rahul Gandhi, drawn from the Nehru-Gandhi family.

He referred to the government's minimum support price agriculture produce of farmers against their crop expenditure and said the Congress had no interest in improving the lives of farmers. India boasts the most Facebook and YouTube users worldwide, and social media is emerging as an arena for intense political competition. Such comments about a party that can potentially form the next government in India is quite undiplomatic, to say the least. Who could forget General (retd) Ziaul Haq springing up a surprise by flying to New Delhi on the pretext of watching a Test match between Pakistan and India in Jaipur in February 1987 at a time when the Indian troops massed along the Pakistani border.

In the ongoing elections, the ruling BJP is seeking to regain power under the leadership of Modi.

"On the contrary I favour further strengthening of reservation policy", Modi said and cited the 10% reservation which his government had announced for poor people of upper caste. Khan has already said it countless times in the last month that Pakistan will make a concerted effort to eliminate all armed militant groups working from our soil. Instead, it tries to convince the global community - as it has been doing over the last few years - that Pakistan sponsors cross-border terrorism with the help of non-State actors.

Dissatisfaction with the direction of the country is connected to how people feel about the economy. Where the crackdown on these groups comes under Chinese pressure, with Beijing fearing for its record investment in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the establishment sees the orchestration of the political rise of Kashmir-bound jihadists as a counterbalance of the RSS's ascent in New Delhi - and would look to present it as such in the worldwide arena as well. If, god forbid, there is another terrorist attack in India and Pakistan is blamed for it, will it lead to another air strike?

However, India had strongly rejected Qureshi's claims, dubbing it as "irresponsible and preposterous" statement made by Pakistan "with a clear objective of whipping up war hysteria in the region".

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