Published: Sat, April 13, 2019

New Jersey woman damages neighbor's 'disgusting,' racy Easter display

New Jersey woman damages neighbor's 'disgusting,' racy Easter display

A New Jersey dentist is known for lawn displays, but some residents think the mannequins wearing lingerie and bunny ears in his new garden scene take things too far.

Shepstone walked by the display with her dog as Gangi was being interviewed by PIX 11 and said she would like to take it down.

This week, Gangi created a new display featuring five mannequins dressed provocatively in lingerie, fishnets, thigh high stockings and bunny ears, holding Easter baskets.

"It's disgusting. I live across the street", Desiree Mozek said as she used scissors to take down the mannequins Tuesday, according to the clip. He's a good boy, you know?

Neighbours of the Clifton dentist's office explained to North Jersey Record that the display had first been set up as part of Valentine's Day display, then as a St. Patrick's Day showcase and now the dummies are back for Easter.

According to, Gangi tends to go all-out on yard displays for Halloween and has had people lined up to see his Christmas lights. He said the idea came to him when he saw giant Easter eggs while walking around a Party City store. Many thought the display was distasteful and disrespectful to Easter.

Dr. Wayne Gangi told he thinks the woman who destroyed it did it for attention, as she curtsied at the end.

WPIX reported Gangi said the display was not really for Easter, but to pay homage to Playboy magazine founder Hugh Hefner.

Gangi said he is in the process of filing a restraining order against the woman.

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