Published: Sat, April 13, 2019

‘Release Assange or else!’ Hackers Anonymous sends United Kingdom warning over Wikileaks founder

‘Release Assange or else!’ Hackers Anonymous sends United Kingdom warning over Wikileaks founder

In a dramatic turn of events, he was then also charged by USA government prosecutors with conspiring with American whistleblower Chelsea Manning to break the password of a classified government computer in 2010.

James was also critical of Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott for expressing their position against extraditing Assange to the USA but without referencing the sexual assault allegations in Sweden. "Julian's spirit stays strong", Mrs Assange said in a tweet to "warriors" for her son.

The WikiLeaks co-founder now faces up to 12 months in a British prison after he was found guilty of breaching his bail conditions.

Assange has always denied the allegations, and sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy to prevent facing the charges in Sweden, which he feared would lead to eventual extradition to the United States.

And Assange's US charge could land him with a maximum jail sentence of five years, according to the US Department of Justice. He had stayed inside the embassy building for almost seven years.

After the arrest of Julian Assange in London, Trump was asked what he thinks of Wikileaks, the website founded by Assange and which contains a trove of classified documents.

Those charges were dropped in May 2017, but Swedish prosecutors say they are now re-examining the case after a request by one of the alleged victim's lawyers.

Extradition lawyer Ben Keith said the court will not assess the evidence against Assange in an effort to determine his guilt or innocence, but will scrutinise whether the offence he is accused of in the USA would be a crime in Britain.

Diane Abbott, Labour's spokeswoman for domestic affairs, told the BBC on Friday that the government should block the extradition on human rights grounds.

Assange's next court appearance was set for May 2 via prison video-link in relation to the extradition case, a process that involves several layers of appeal that could take several years.

Theresa May, home secretary Sajid Javid and foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt all said Assange's arrest showed that no-one is "above the law".

It added: "Influential people representing the governments of the UK, the United States, and Ecuador have all signed off on this unprecedented attack on journalism".

"It would be right to extradite him to Sweden, it would not be right to extradite him to America, at this point in proceedings", James said.

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