Published: Sun, April 14, 2019

Amid calls for resignation, Theresa May says Brexit a ‘national duty’

Amid calls for resignation, Theresa May says Brexit a ‘national duty’

Opposition parties have been now baying for an early general election.

Canterbury City Council also said it was ready.

"He said the European Union was giving Britain six more months" to find the very best possible alternative" for its Brexit impasse. Within that context the Prime Minister's options are severely limited, particularly since the word "compromise" does not appear to be part of British parliamentary vocabulary.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte - whose country is traditionally a close ally of Britain, would be among those hardest hit by any abrupt split and hence favours kicking Brexit into the long grass - admitted it might be hard. Since Britain's death date of March 29 approached without a settlement in sight, the European Union gave Britain before Friday to accept that a withdrawal plan, alter course and find a further delay to Brexit, or even wreck out of the European Union without a price to cushion the shock.

Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn did not bring Brexit up, as May prepares to ask the European Union to an extension, and lawmakers slough off from the bickering.

Politicians stated the next few months should be utilized to hold a new referendum on stay or whether to depart from EU.

Commons Leader and prominent Leave backer Andrea Leadsom played down speculation that the latest delay could mean the end of Brexit.

Cabinet ministers told The Daily Telegraph that they see May 22 - the date of the European elections - as the time for her to resign.

Understanding the European Union, it's many institutions, how they fit together, how laws are made and how much it costs is REALLY complicated.

German lawmakers were addressed by merkel on Wednesday before European Union leaders meet in Brussels to decide whether to grant Britain's petition for a delay past the Friday night job that was existing.

May noted that talks between her party and the opposition Labour party are "serious, detailed and ongoing", adding that "there is actually more agreement" between the two sides on a post-Brexit plan.

All eyes are turned toward Macron, who has it in his power to force Britain to select between a Brexit on Friday and cancelling its departure.

"Merkel told German lawmakers that a disorderly Brexit" is not in our interest".

Theresa May has said the United Kingdom can still leave before 22 May, if a deal is agreed, to avoid having to take part in elections to the European Parliament.

She did not define precisely how long the expansion may be.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the main opposition Labour Party, said the latest extension represented not only a "diplomatic failure" but also another milestone in the government's handling of the entire Brexit process.

The European Parliament will need to accept any bargain May reaches the EU to ensure it is binding. However, at the European Council meeting, other leaders were unconvinced.

Make UK and sister organization Ceemet issued a joint letter to heads of state and chief negotiator Michel Barnier warning of shock in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Some pro-Brexit lawmakers in Britain have suggested they could make trouble for the bloc if they stay.

The Prime Minister addressed the House of Commons yesterday and urged members to use the upcoming Easter break to "reflect on the decisions that will have to be made" in search of compromise. Britain is scheduled to depart the EU.

Donald Tusk meets the leaders of Lithuania, Latvia, The Netherlands and eventually May soon before Wednesday evening's summit begins.

"Let me finish with a message to our British friends: This extension is as flexible as I expected, and a little bit shorter than I expected, but it's still enough to find the best possible solution".

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