Published: Sun, April 14, 2019
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Apple to let users hear podcasts straight from web

Apple to let users hear podcasts straight from web

The news comes from developer Steve Troughton Smith who has shared some details on Twitter about Apple's plans. Primarily because it is still the only way for legacy iPod and iOS devices to sync and interact with a Mac or PC. The bad news is that iTunes still isn't going away completely.

What remains unclear is the fate of iTunes once much of the content it is now the home to is moved elsewhere.

Playback controls on Apple Podcast pages are extremely limited - the only option is to press a play button next to each episode; there are no other control options, like fast forward or rewind. Apple Music could mean the end of individual music file purchases, while Apple TV could potentially end the purchase of movie files.

In an effort to simplify things, rumor has it that Apple with its next major macOS release will dismantle some iTunes components into separate stand-alone apps.

The upcoming Music app will most likely serve up access to the Apple Music streaming service, while the TV app could be a home for Apple's upcoming Apple TV+ service. It will apparently offer a greatly improved listening experience for all podcast listeners, as the current experience is underwhelming in iTunes. According to new reports, Apple is working on stand-alone TV, Music, and Podcasts apps with its new universal app framework - Marzipan. It would make a lot of sense to split it up, given that iTunes has become increasingly bloated since it launched in 2001.

Thoughts about the new Apple Podcasts web interface? Have you tried them on your Mac?

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