Published: Sun, April 14, 2019
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Google and Huawei will compensate owners of borked Nexus 6P devices

Google and Huawei will compensate owners of borked Nexus 6P devices

The lawsuit alleged that while Google contracted the design and manufacturing of its early Android smartphones to third-party companies, Huawei, one of the chosen third-party companies, breached the device warranty since the companies were aware of the issue, but did not respond to the bug. To make matters even worse, there is also a battery drain issue that makes it impossible for people to use their Nexus 6P on a daily basis. Submitting documentation of either battery drain or bootloop flaws can net you up to $150 and $325 respectively, while those who experienced issues on multiple Nexus 6P units will be granted payoffs of up to $400.

Moreover, The class action settlement is based in the United States.

Nexus 6P devices were left unusable following an update in April 2017, two years after the device originally released, as the software entered a state of unending reboots until the battery died. Today, Google and Huawei have settled the class action lawsuit and agree to pay $400 to each user of the Nexus 6P smartphone.

That money will be distributed to Nexus 6P owners who bought the device on or after September 25, 2015. The tech giants will reportedly have to pay $9.75 million (approximately Rs 67.39 crores).

Google and Huawei have already agreed to settle the lawsuit in lieu of the above-mentioned amount even though the settlement is still pending approval of the court. Here's how you can claim.

Claimants will have to submit proper documentations, and the amount they'll get from Google and Huawei will depend on how much proof they can provide.

The previously compensation referenced in the settlement agreement saw some affected Nexus 6P owners upgraded to a Pixel XL as a warranty replacement.

The settlement is still under approval from the court, with an answer set to be revealed on May 9, 2019. If you were one of the lucky few who were sent a Pixel XL replacement device for your troubles, you'll receive no more than $10, according to the now agreed upon terms. You can browse the pending settlement form that explains all your legal rights and options here.

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