Published: Sun, April 14, 2019
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Some Oculus Touch VR Controllers Shipped With These Bizarre Hidden Messages

Some Oculus Touch VR Controllers Shipped With These Bizarre Hidden Messages

Oculus executive Nate Mitchell tweeted that phrases such as "This Space For Rent" and "The Masons Were Here" have been printed on components for "tens of thousands" of Touch controllers. Messages like: "Big Brother is Watching" and "This Space for Rent.' As if that wasn't bad enough, it seems that while none of the devices containing the hidden messages have landed in customers" hands yet, they will be as it's apparently too late to stop their shipment. However, Mitchell says that these two messages only made their way onto developer kits, not the controllers meant for consumers.

It comes as Facebook attempts to push VR into the mainstream and gears up to launch its long-awaited Oculus Quest, an all-in-one VR headset, in the coming months. The messages were meant only for prototype hardware but somehow made it to production hardware.

Facebook accidentally shipped "tens of thousands" of virtual reality (VR) controllers with freakish hidden messages, including "Big Brother is Watching" and "The Masons Were Here". The messages were only supposed to be included in prototypes of the machines. "While I appreciate Easter eggs, these were inappropriate and should have been removed".

While the vast majority of Oculus owners will never take apart their controllers and find the messages, news of the hidden content will nearly certainly raise eyebrows given Facebook's already tarnished public image. However, the integrity or functionality of hardware was not compromised.

While there should have been no internal messages of any kind in any of the devices, a Facebook representative told Business Insider that the company would not recall them.

"T$3 hese messages were inside our Touch controllers for the upcoming [Oculus] Quest and Rift S headsets". Since the messages are inside on the hardware, you won't see them when using the controllers.

While it's not a particularly critical issue, having "Big Brother Is Watching" engraved onto a Facebook-owned product is ironic considering the company's current battles on data privacy and surveillance.

"We think it's important to be transparent with our community and take responsibility when there's an error", said Peace.

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