Published: Mon, April 15, 2019

Assange used Ecuador's embassy for 'spying'- Ecuador

Assange used Ecuador's embassy for 'spying'- Ecuador

Security footage has surfaced from inside the Ecuadorian embassy Julian Assange spent seven years, showing the Wikileaks founder skateboarding through a room in bare feet.

Lenin Moreno also said no other nation had influenced the decision to revoke the WikiLeaks founder's asylum, which he said followed 'violations infringed by Assange'.

Many tales have emerged about Assange's appalling manners and lack of personal hygiene, as well as his failure to clean up after his cat.

Footage of Assange messing around on a skateboard has travelled around the world quicker than a historic WikiLeaks document dump (back when the media was interested in cashing in off the back of Assange's work).

Other accusations from Ecuador have included that the WikiLeaks founder played loud music, left the cooker on, smeared feces over the walls of his bathroom and left some dirty underwear in the toilet.

Wearing a tank-top and shorts, Assange tries twice to build momentum before losing his balance and falling off his board.

Assange spent nearly seven years in the embassy seeking political asylum, believing himself to be the target of multiple governments for his role in surfacing corruption and USA war crimes.

"Julian Assange is somebody who has done a lot to shine a light on real abuses of state power and the war crimes that we saw in Iraq, so it's really key, I think, to ensure that we give the public the information so that we can hopefully ensure that politicians, at least in this country, don't ever take us into an illegal war again as we saw in Iraq in 2003", Williamson said.

Supporters of Assange protest outside the British Embassy in Washington, DC.

Romo admitted that Assage's mental and physical state had deteriorated during his long spell holed up at at the embassy, with his increasingly erratic behaviour damaging relations with staff in the building.

Assange skateboarded inside the embassy to "kill time", El País said, citing security guards at the embassy.

"Ecuador has made these allegations to justify the unlawful and extraordinary act of letting police come inside an embassy", Robinson told the UK's Sky News. This man has been inside a room with no outside access.

His refuge was granted after he claimed that if he was sent to Sweden, he could be arrested by United States police and face charges related to a series of leaks published by WikiLeaks and provided by Chelsea Manning, a former United States Army soldier and whistleblower.

"This activity violates asylum conditions".

Dubbed "Collateral Murder", the footage prompted worldwide concern over the conduct of USA forces stationed in the Middle East, something supporters of WikiLeaks argue remains behind Washington's renewed drive to extradite Assange to face charges in the United States.

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