Published: Mon, April 15, 2019

Why Meghan Markle's Baby Plans Are Not a Reflection on Kate's

Why Meghan Markle's Baby Plans Are Not a Reflection on Kate's

Prince Harry and his pregnant wife Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, have said in a public statement that they will keep news of their first baby's arrival into the world private.

Many also applauded Meghan's decision not to pose for photographs hours after giving birth.

"He inherited from Princess Diana about £7m". Speaking on a TV show titled CBS This Morning, Oprah said that the way Meghan Markle has been negatively portrayed is uncalled for.

Harry and Meghan now live on the grounds of Kensington Palace in London, the residence of William and Kate.

But the Sussexes - who were married in May 2018 - have always done their own thing.

The stance, along with rumours in general have gained special attention online, with netizens reposting the assumptions as well as eagerly speculating about whether a royal member, who lives largely on British taxpayers' money, is entitled to privacy around child birth. The Lindo Wing is of course in London, a 40-odd km drive from their new home - so the pair may opt for a different hospital altogether.

Reports this week said Meghan is planning a midwife-led home birth at Frogmore Cottage.

Despite feeling that the public has the wrong idea about Markle, King explained that she's in good spirits ahead of the birth of her first child with Prince Harry. Anything the Queen can do, right?

It's also worth remembering Harry has expressed his frustration towards the press on many occasions - including their attitudes towards Meghan's racial background. Meghan's mum Doria Ragland is due to fly in to meet her new grandchild as well.

We won't find out about the baby until after the birth. This announcement likely means that the royal couple will not be participating in the usual post-birth photo-op with their newborn. Less than two weeks after Prince Louis was born, adorable portraits of the little royal were released. Kate received praise and criticism, after appearing on the steps of the hospital looking fully recovered, just hours after giving birth to her third baby Prince Louis in April previous year.

Side note - the youngest Cambridge was snapped by mum Kate - will Harry or Megs jump behind the camera themselves when the time comes?

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