Published: Mon, April 15, 2019
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Zach Johnson knocks ball off tee with practice swing at the Masters

Zach Johnson knocks ball off tee with practice swing at the Masters

-Accidentally strikes the ball when making a practice swing or while preparing to make a stroke.

When he took the tee box on No. 13, Johnson sat two shots above the cut line.

"I don't think I could do it again if I even tried", Johnson said. He was able to re-tee the ball and then striped his tee shot-his actual tee shot-right down the center.

According to a new rule, because there was "no intent" to hit the ball, Johnson does not receive a penalty on the hole.

"Zach's eyes were as big as I've ever seen them".

Under Rule 6.2b (5) on starting a hole: "If a teed ball falls off the tee or is knocked off the tee by the player before the player has made a stroke at it, it may be re-teed anywhere in the teeing area without penalty".

Johnson made the most of his second chance, hitting a 285-yard drive onto the fairway and eventually netting a birdie on the hole.

And the unusual incident didn't shake Johnson's concentration; he birdied the hole to move to 1 over for the tournament.

The 13th tee is the quietest corner of Augusta National's course with no spectator close enough to see Johnson's mishap but it didn't go unnoticed by his playing partners Matt Kuchar and Ian Poulter and millions of fans watching at home. "His jaw dropped and we had a good chuckle knowing that wasn't a penalty, but a not-so-top-10 moment".

"He doesn't let me forget many things", Johnson said, "But, hey, you get what you deserve".

"Only if I've been drinking", Kisner said.

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