Published: Tue, April 16, 2019

Despite Star Wars: Episode 9 Tease, Emperor Palpatine Is "Dead", Actor Says

Despite Star Wars: Episode 9 Tease, Emperor Palpatine Is

Abrams, who is coming back to the helm after directing "The Force Awakens" four years ago, said he nearly didn't sign on board to oversee the last film.

Recent rumors suggested that Benioff and Weiss' Star Wars films could be set in The Old Republic, a popular time period in the Star Wars universe popularized by BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic game featuring iconic characters Darth Revan, Bastila Shan, and Darth Malak.

The name-change on a road that runs through the scenic Inishowen peninsula has been approved by Donegal County Council. No new Star Wars movies are now in production, and none are even in the preparation stages.

She also acknowledges the change of management in EA following her departure, saying "Both Patrick Soderlund and Jade Raymond have left in the meantime, and Laura Miele, who was the franchise general manager for Star Wars when I joined, is now in Patrick's role".

After spending the past few months being nothing more than an extremely awkward E3 tease, EA have finally revealed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order to the world.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy also spoke to "GMA" and called "The Rise of Skywalker" the "epitome of good versus evil". "We're looking at whether we can move massively in one direction of the other".

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is out this November. This brings up the possibility of the three of them collaborating closely in the writers' room and mind-mapping five to ten years worth of interconnected Star Wars stories, very similar to what Kevin Feige does over at Marvel Studios. "McDiarmid said: "'Is he.?' And before I could even finish the sentence, [Lucas replied] 'Dead, yes.' 'Well, couldn't he perhaps.' 'No. It's still Star Wars, and holding on to the DNA of what George Lucas created is still very important to us. She would add, "I think this is a huge opportunity to step into the galaxy in a little bit different part of the timeline".

So when push came to shove, and EA really wanted to get the next Star Wars game right, they gave Respawn Entertainment, the team that emerged out of the husk of Infinity Ward after Modern Warfare 2, the first crack at taking on the job.

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