Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
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Apple Introduces new Apple Card Credit Card

Apple Introduces new Apple Card Credit Card

The launch was the centrepiece of an event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California that focused on the technology company's services, not its hardware, as it deals with declining sales of its iPhone.

The card expands the company's Apple Pay services, marrying the physical card to a virtual one and integrating both with the iPhone.

Five years after its ballyhooed debut, Apple Pay is still struggling to take off. Apple Inc is betting its swanky new credit card can change that.

While the amount of loans is small compared to the bank's overall balance sheet, Hawken said investors would likely prefer Goldman stick to using its consumer business to add deposits, as opposed to personal loans or credit card debt. Now, we can easily make a joke here about the tech savviness of Apple users, but the truth is that there are more than enough power users on Apple's platforms for the "we didn't think anyone will find out" argument to not hold up. You can use Apple Cards anywhere at a shopping store or coffee shop.

You will also get a reward if you use this app. Cashback will be given every time you use it. And it really is cash.

"Right now, that 1 percent is an Achilles' heel, because 1 percent is lower than what you'd be getting from other providers", Robertson said.

Apple said that its ad-free subscription gaming service, Apple Arcade, will feature 100 new and exclusive games.

Activating or pairing the Apple Card is very similar like pairing your AirPods with iPhone ie; just bring your card closer to an unlocked iPhone and the card pops up and will activate same as like AirPods. The company said it wants to help users to better manage their spending and financial health, rather than just to make money from the credit card service.

The three newspapers participating in Apple News Plus are the Los Angeles Times, Toronto Star and The Wall Street Journal - the latter a surprise to many industry watchers. That's why I joined forces with Apple. It will work through the company's wallet app Apple Pay.

That includes tying up with some of the biggest names in the media industry to allow for a rich source of entertainment stuff that the buyers can have at their disposal.

Apple is also working on a premium games subscription for its AppStore and discussing it with potential partners, according to people with knowledge of the plans.

The Weather app has new settings to view weather conditions and an Air Quality index.

Perhaps most intriguing was the appearance of Sonic the Hedgehog, who made a notable (if brief) appearance in the Apple Arcade preview video, which you can see above. "You don't need the risk of some waiter writing down your credit card information in a back room". But as Apple has a broad consumer reach, it makes the Apple Card, a major player. It certainly doesn't seem to be related to upcoming racing title Team Sonic Racing, due this May, although Apple did confirm that Team Sonic Racing was coming to Apple Arcade when the service launches later this year.

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