Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
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Apple-Qualcomm Jury Includes Woman Who's Never Owned Smartphone

Apple-Qualcomm Jury Includes Woman Who's Never Owned Smartphone

Tech giants Apple and Qualcomm have agreed to settle all ongoing lawsuits, putting an end to a long-running battle with billions of dollars at stake.

Despite Apple's legal quarrels with Qualcomm, which has also developed fifth-generation modem chips, the USA company would most likely pass on Huawei's alternative, if for no other reason because of the political backdrop.

Apple had already lost an earlier battle with Qualcomm last month when a federal court jury in San Diego decided the iPhone maker owed Qualcomm $31 million for infringing on three of its patents.

Qualcomm and Apple® today announced an agreement to dismiss all litigation between the two companies worldwide. (Qualcomm has posted the same announcement.) "The settlement includes a payment from Apple to Qualcomm".

A high-stakes trial between Apple and Qualcomm kicked off yesterday in a San Diego courtroom.

Qualcomm stock rose 23.21 percent on Tuesday while Apple stock remained relatively flat.

The prospective jurors who didn't make it on the panel included a retired employment lawyer, a man who volunteered that he didn't like the direction Apple had been going, and a "private fiduciary". Intel, which is now the sole supplier of 4G LTE modems for Apple's current generation of iPhones and iPads, just announced that it is throwing in the towel on 5G modem development for smartphones.

After years of global litigation, Apple and Qualcomm have settled all disputes.

The Cupertino company says Qualcomm withheld payments it owed as a means of retaliation for Apple's cooperation with South Korean investigators.

Qualcomm counter sued, then Apple returned the favor. Qualcomm demands that companies license its patent portfolio before they can buy the company's chips.

This is blockbuster news, folks, and an implicit agreement from Apple that it did, in fact, owe Qualcomm significant patent-based royalties. The two companies went back and forth over two years with each winning cases in different countries. Apple's new agreement with Qualcomm accelerates the move off of Intel, and takes the pressure off of Apple's internal modem development group.

His comment comes a day after CNBC published an interview with Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei that the firm was "open" to selling its 5G chips to Apple. The resolution abruptly ended that trial, which also involved Apple's key iPhone suppliers.

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