Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
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New OnePlus 7 renders emerge, we previously seen the OnePlus 7 Pro

New OnePlus 7 renders emerge, we previously seen the OnePlus 7 Pro

With this being said, the above information is still based on rumours and no concrete information regarding the launch has been shared by OnePlus. According to the renders, OnePlus 7 continues the design of its predecessor, OnePlus 6T as it has a waterdrop display, vertical dual rear camera but the OnePlus 7 will use a flash beneath the cameras. However, the real upgrade can be seen in the form of OnePlus 7 Pro. The Pro variant is expected to sport a massive 6.67-inch Full HD+ curved screen with a pop-up selfie camera. The latest render of the OnePlus 7 series just appeared online and it came from Onleaks.

OnePlus is expected to launch an additional device this year, that is expected to be called the OnePlus 7 Pro.

An abundance of leaks is nearly customary at this point, as OnePlus reportedly gears up for the release of its next flagship smartphone next month. While the standard variant comes with a front-facing selfie camera, the Pro variant sports pop-up selfie camera on the top. Even though it is one of the most requested features by its community, the company is neglecting it for a long time. There have been rumors about the OnePlus 7 featuring stereo speakers. Apparently, the screen will measure only 6.2 inches diagonally, which would make for a smaller device than the 6T with its 6.41-inch display.

With the bigger display, we also expect it to come with a bigger battery and wireless charging support.

Earlier, OnePlus had showcased a 5G prototype smartphone at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. Apart from South Korea, the 5G rollout is yet to take place in other Asian countries and we don't think it will happen any time sooner. If this information is, in fact, true, then OnePlus should start sending out media invites for the same which will essentially confirm the May 14 launch date.

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