Published: Wed, April 17, 2019

Pet deer kills man and injures wife in rural Australia

Pet deer kills man and injures wife in rural Australia

Emergency services were called to a rural address in Moyhu near Wangaratta, in the state's northeast, after Paul McDonald, 46, and his wife Mandi, 45, were attacked by their pet deer on Wednesday morning.

"His wife and son heard the commotion and went out to see what was going on", Pursell told reporters.

The couple were named as Mandi and Paul McDonald. "They stop doing everything except for finding a female partner and become extremely aggressive", Howlett said.

The wife received life-threatening and remains in a critical condition at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne.

Local media said that the injured woman was helped from the deer's pen by her teenage son.

The pair was attacked by a deer just before 8.30am and the man died at the scene.

A man has been killed by a near on a property in Victoria.

Describing Mr McDonald, she said: "He's a bit of a character, you could have a good laugh with him, a bit of fun". Deer have been reported in backyards and schools, and rutting deer have been seen harassing cattle.

Police say the deer was a Wapiti - a cross between a Red deer and an Elk.

Deer were introduced to Australia in the 19th century.

"Deer sightings and reports of public safety risk are becoming more common", the report said.

"There's still some people with serious velveting operations, and there's hobbyists who keep deer in a pen because they're an exotic novelty". The Parks Department has proposed funding a bigger hunt to control the growing number of feral deer throughout Victoria.

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