Published: Thu, April 18, 2019

Brexit deal: Nigel Farage can save us from 'poison', says Guy Verhofstadt

Brexit deal: Nigel Farage can save us from 'poison', says Guy Verhofstadt

Senior MEP Guy Verhofstadt said to Mr Tusk that "Instead of sending May back to London with no extension or ultimately a very short one - a few days, a week - you gave her six months".

European Parliament chief Brexit co-ordinator Guy Verhofstadt expressed his fear that Brexit will "poison" the European elections.

"And that both parties, the Conservatives and Labour, will again already what they did for months - run down the clock".

The UK is set to remain in the EU until 31 October and take part in next month's European elections, after Theresa May accepted a new extension granted by EU leaders in the early hours of Thursday morning (11 April) that will prevent the UK crashing out of the bloc at the end of the week.

He said: "I never thought I should say that in my life in this Parliament, but maybe the only thing that can save this is Nigel Farage now".

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage claimed his party would "sweep the board" at the elections on May 23 - and would win a general election if Mrs May and Mr Corbyn agree to the "betrayal" of a permanent customs union.

"They will be full Members of the Parliament, with all their rights and obligations".

"No, it can not. Therefore, I also ask you to reject similar ideas, if they were to be voiced in this House".

Referring to the delay to Brexit, he said: "I fear that it will continue the uncertainty". And I fear most of all that it will import the Brexit mess into the European Union.

Mr Tusk had himself faced criticism from senior MEPs in the European Parliament for his part in allowing the United Kingdom a longer Brexit extension, now until October 31st, with one MEP warning that the decision would "poison" European elections, now due to begin on May 23rd.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today, Mr Hunt said: "We need to know whether we are going to need a trade deal with Japan and what type of trade deal it will be, but I have been meeting with Toyota today, and I'm going on to meet NTT, which is the main Japanese telecom company. We cannot have a night session, because I will have to leave at midnight, of course, Donald [Tusk] can stay", Juncker joked. "At least I will not start dreaming about a better and united Europe".

In an address to the European Parliament, he said: 'My fear is that with this decision, the pressure to come to a cross-party agreement disappears.

But he said Brussels has "nothing to gain" from the "disruption" it would cause the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn said "there's no agreement yet" and the government "doesn't appear to be shifting the red lines".

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