Published: Fri, April 19, 2019

Militia detains migrants at gunpoint along the US-Mexico border

Militia detains migrants at gunpoint along the US-Mexico border

And New Mexico's governor told the newspaper that the group's actions were "completely unacceptable". "These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement".

CNN is reaching out to the United Constitutional Patriots for comment.

"Two nights ago, on April 16, 2019, an armed fascist militia organization describing itself as the United Constitutional Patriots arrested almost three hundred people seeking safety in the United States, including young children, near Sunland Park, New Mexico", the ACLU said in its letter.

After the third penetration mission for the drone, agents observed a group of 10 migrants making their way across the border in the same area surveilled by the drone.

"It should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone", Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham said, according to the Times.

The video, recorded by group member Jim Benvie on 16 April, shows a large group of migrants who were said to have just crossed the border near Sunland Park, New Mexico, being detained by the armed vigilantes. "Border Security operations are complex and require highly trained professionals with adequate resources to protect the country".

The incident comes amid a spike in border crossings, despite White House efforts to stem the influx.

They said they only encountered 13 groups of 100 people last financial year. But the ACLU's key concern, he said, is that private armed citizens are "taking it upon themselves to carry out justice and not allowing federal authorities to do their job".

Officials say the Yuma sector is more than double its detention capacity with more than 1,000 illegal immigrants in custody. "We are concerned this is such a potentially explosive situation, we are anxious someone is going to get hurt".

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