Published: Sun, April 21, 2019

Trump's Furious At Underlings Who Made Him Look Bad In Mueller Report

Trump's Furious At Underlings Who Made Him Look Bad In Mueller Report

On Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) desperately trying to gain attention for her failing campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination, which she launched before everyone else but remains lagging far behind other candidates, even in her own state, called for the House of Representatives to impeach President Trump.

Nadler, says he expects the justice department to comply with the committee's subpoena for the full report by May 1.

Among respondents who said they were familiar with the Mueller report, 70% said the report had not changed their view of Trump or Russia's involvement in the presidential race.

Mueller's report examined 10 episodes of potential obstruction by Trump, who pressured aides to fire and replace Mueller, lie to the news media and otherwise derail the investigation.

Warren sent out a series of tweets Friday afternoon saying the partially redacted Mueller report released Thursday had laid out the facts of Russian interference in the 2016 election and wrote Trump "obstructed the investigation into that attack". Barr is scheduled to testify before the House and Senate in early May.

"This is politically convenient", Collins said, allowing the chairman "to grandstand and rail against the attorney general for not cooperating on an impossible timeline".

"Know what makes me sick, Mitt?"

Top Republicans in Congress saw vindication in the report as well. She knocked off a Republican incumbent previous year in a district that favored Trump by more than 6 percentage points in 2016.

Romney said he was "appalled" that people working for the campaign welcomed help from Russia, that no one went to USA police about information obtained illegally by Russia and that the campaign chairman was working to promote Russian interests in Ukraine.

"Feels good to be right", Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, told ABC News.

Mueller also found Trump's campaign was eager to obtain "the dirt" Russians claimed to have had on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, although the report found no conclusive evidence of the Trump campaign conspiring with Russians during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Romney was sharply critical of Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign before being considered briefly as a candidate for secretary of state in Trump's administration.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., is now signed on to an impeachment resolution from fellow Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of MI, bringing new energy to the effort. Sen.

Privately, some undecided House Democrats said the president's actions outlined in the Mueller report constituted impeachable offenses, but anxious about the political costs of a failed impeachment push.

"People in my view are genuinely conflicted about the need to hold the president accountable and some sense of how we bring this country together, and how we move on from this chapter in this country's history", Rep. Ro Khanna, D-California, told ABC News.

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