Published: Sat, April 27, 2019
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Protesters take aim at finance in London

Protesters take aim at finance in London

Climate change activists plan to cause rush hour disruption in London's financial district before they bring an end to days of protests in the centre of the city.

At London Stock Exchange's headquarters, six protesters dressed in black suits and red ties on Thursday blocked the revolving doors of the building.

They held signs reading: "Tell the truth" and "Act now".

More than 1,100 people have been arrested since campaigners from Extinction Rebellion first blocked traffic in the capital on 15 April.

Demonstrators glue their hands to the London stock exchange during the Extinction Rebellion protest in London, Britain on April 25.

They stood in front of London Stock Exchange (LSE), blocking its entrance in the morning, as it opened for trading.

Extinction Rebellion said it wanted the United Kingdom government to "tell the truth on its impact on the climate and ecological emergency" and had targeted London's financial centre to highlight the "corrosive impacts of the financial sector on the world we live in".

British Transport Police (BTP) officers used ropes, harnesses and ladders to take down the five XR protesters who climbed onto a train at Canary Wharf, including 83-year-old grandfather Phil Kingston.

While Extinction Rebellion is continuing with what it describes as "swarming" protests, it has signalled the end of its blockades at Parliament Square and Marble Arch.

Police said 1088 arrests have been made since the main protests began last Monday.

In the Spanish city of Barcelona, protesters arranged themselves in the shape of Extinction Rebellion's egg-timer logo.

Extinction Rebellion thanked Londoners in a statement Wednesday, saying: "We know we have disrupted your lives".

"Sadiq Khan summed up the State's response to Extinction Rebellion's clarion call to take proportionate, urgent action regarding the unfolding climate catastrophe by saying "Let London return to business as usual".

"And we would like to apologise to the public for the disruptions", he added.

The group also said the public should expect more action "very soon", adding there will be a "closing ceremony" at Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park at 5pm today. We do not do this lightly.

So, how did the police manage to unglue her ... upper half from the street?

"We have seen some action but is it enough to stop the huge emergency we are facing?"

"We want the people in this building and around the world that in the financial industry to understand the impact that they are having on our futures".

The Met arrested 38 activists yesterday and have charged 69 people over the protests.

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