Published: Wed, May 15, 2019

Texas officer shoots and kills woman after stun-gun struggle

Texas officer shoots and kills woman after stun-gun struggle

A shocking and violent video showing a suburban Houston police officer fatally shooting a Black woman who yelled "I'm pregnant" right before he fired at her in an attempt to arrest her for outstanding warrants.

The unnamed woman was on the ground and appeared to reach towards the officer when she seemed to say "I'm pregnant".

"During the course of the attempted arrest, the female began struggling with the officer, which forced the officer to deploy his Taser", Baytown Police Department Lt. Steve Dorris said. In the 30-second footage, the woman can be heard telling the officer, "I'm actually walking to my house", and shouting, "I'm pregnant", before she's shot.

Dorris says the officer opened fire after the woman grabbed the officer's Taser and used it against him.

The officer's name has not been released, but Baytown police said he is an 11-year veteran of the department. "(She) actually tased the officer, which forced the officer to draw his duty weapon and fire multiple rounds at the suspect".

"It's a tragic event for everybody involved", he said.

The struggle continued, and according to Baytown police, the woman "was able to gain control of the Taser and used it on the officer".

"I'm pregnant", are the last words that Turner yells before the officer discharges his firearm.

"If somebody takes your Taser away from you and starts tasing you, there's a very good likelihood that this is going to escalate and get very bad for the officer from there", Dorris told reporters on Monday.

He said the woman was hit "at least" once and was declared dead at the scene.

The officer nor the woman have been publicly identified.

The Baytown Police Department and the Harris County District Attorney's Office are investigating the fatal shooting.

Raquelle Cuellar, a resident in the apartment complex, told ABC 13 that the woman was often spotted walking her dog in the area. Police have not confirmed that she was.

Investigators are trying to contact whoever recorded the video, because the person was a witness to the shooting, the lieutenant said. He was placed on paid administrative leave, which is standard protocol. "Our hearts go out to the families of the deceased, as well as our officer". "It's extremely disrespectful for everybody involved, but that's the day and age we live in with social media".

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