Published: Wed, May 15, 2019
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Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks Announced, Vending Machines That Sell Smartphones and Accessories

Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks Announced, Vending Machines That Sell Smartphones and Accessories

As of now, the Mi Express Kiosks are only available in a couple of locations in Bengaluru.

"By introducing these vending machine-style kiosks, the brand has yet again developed an innovative New Retail strategy in reaching out to its consumers directly, eliminating operational and cost inefficiencies for the consumers".

The Mi Express Kiosks will acknowledge a few methods of payment, like cash, Visas, platinum cards, and UPI, enabling shoppers to pick the alternative they are most alright with. Today, Xiaomi has unveiled a new way for its fans to purchase its products - the Mi Express Kiosk.

There are two ways to purchase Xiaomi's products.

The new Xiaomi Mi Express Kiosks utilise a completely human-less interface and purchasing a Xiaomi smartphone or accessory from these Mi Express Kiosks is as easy as purchasing a cold drink. There is a large touch display on the right for operating the machine. There is also a slot that prints out receipts.

Xiaomi has its exclusive Mi Home Stores in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, while it also has Mi Stores in rural parts of India. So if you happen to live around, you can visit the Express Kiosk and try the experience for yourself.

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Will this strategy work in India? These Mi Express Kiosks can be found across metro cities in public areas with greater footfall such as tech parks, metro stations, airports, and shopping malls. However, this concept has reportedly been in China for a year now. The procedure will be a little faster and you don't have to wait for your device after successful payment. So when it comes to buying accessories this initiative can really kick off in India. This is the first time we are seeing a smartphone brand selling smartphones via vending machines in India.

The same Express Kiosks will be beneficial to the company as well as they will not require any sales manager, staff or big physical stores.

It added that these kiosks are company operated.

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