Published: Thu, May 16, 2019

Maduro supporters still refuse to leave Venezuelan embassy after 35 days

Maduro supporters still refuse to leave Venezuelan embassy after 35 days

"The Americans are trying to deal with the situation peacefully, diplomatically, without taking military action, even though they have the potential to do so", he said.

He said that Maduro had brought nothing but misery upon the Venezuelan people.

A representative of the Venezuelan opposition leader in the United States will meet members of the Southern Command next week to discuss strategy for regime change in the Latin American country, Juan Guaido has confirmed.

Amnesty sent a fact-finding mission to the country in February to research the crackdown on the anti-government protests that preceded and followed Guaido's swearing-in.

Guaido has meanwhile been fighting to keep up the pressure on the embattled socialist leader since the opposition's bid to spark a military uprising fizzled on April 30.

Venezuela's information ministry, which handles media inquiries on behalf of the government, did not respond to a request for comment on why security forces blocked the entrance to parliament. "Either they will oust Maduro, take power and set in motion a return to democracy, or they could split between Guaido and Maduro, which is the riskier scenario that could set off a civil war", he said.

"The nature of the attacks. the level of coordination by the security forces, as well as the signs of similar patterns in 2014 and 2017, leads Amnesty International to believe that the Venezuelan authorities committed crimes against humanity".

Maduro himself "knew about these public and appalling acts and took no measures to either prevent or investigate them", it said. More than 50 countries have recognized him as the country's rightful leader and say the assembly is its last remaining democratic institution.

The United Nations is stepping up plans to address the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, where 7 million people - 25 percent of the population - are in need of food, medicine and other basic supplies.

Mauricio Claver-Carone, the senior director of the White House National Security Council, told a conference in Bogota, Colombia, that Maduro is increasingly paranoid and can no longer trust his inner circle of advisers as those who were once loyal to him have moved their allegiances. More than 900 people were arbitrarily detained. It cited lawmaker Edgar Zambrano, the congress' No. 2 leader, who was arrested by a commando unit from Venezuela's SEBIN intelligence agency for alleged treason.

"Everyone who can, should get to embassy to defend Venezuela's sovereignty and Embassy Protection Collective". "There will be a session of the National Assembly, be it under a bridge or on a square", daily El Nacional quoted Stefanelli as saying.

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