Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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A John Wick Fortnite Limited Time Battle Royale is Officially Here

A John Wick Fortnite Limited Time Battle Royale is Officially Here

In a new event that kicks off today, players will be able to partake in a limited time mode called Wick's Bounty.

The Fortnite x John Wick crossover is available now with the Wick's Bounty LTM, which supports Solos, Duos, and Squads.

In the "Wick's Bounty" LTM, players will have to fulfill their tasks in order to win various rewards.

Therefore, taking down a target that has more kills (denoted as bounty points) will reap more gold coins. Keanu Reeves' super deadly and super reluctant assassin returns to theaters this week for perhaps the last time in John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum.

As for the items, players can complete weekly challenges to earn rewards such as more gold tokens, one shot glider, and the "Boogeyman Wrap" among other items.

Coin leaders can be seen by everyone on map/compass when they are moving or shooting. Early in the match they'll have icons over their heads, then they'll show up on the compass when moving or shooting nearby, and when they reach 600 coins they will show up on the map and compass regardless of distance, as well as glowing.

If you don't want to get dunked on by children who practice in Playground for five hours a day every day, you can always look forward to the John Wick game from Mike Bithell instead. It features Wick facing off against Reaper, which became known as a not-so-subtle allusion to the John Wick films, before Epic Games officially teamed up with Lionsgate. Upon crossing this final threshold, the top player will have the alt Wick skin for the rest of the match, even if they lose the lead.

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