Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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Google bolsters travel-related services

Google bolsters travel-related services

The new Trips landing page is live now on the web, the organization did not determine how this will affect the Google Trips mobile application which is right now used as a competitor to TripIt for showing travel schedules offline.

Despite being one of the most important components in the Android operating system, Google Play Services is a background app.

Holden admitted at the launch that in the past "we haven't done a good job" of connecting users' travel-related activity, reported Bloomberg. But we do need to go through different websites and apps to plan our travel and stay. This is via the new platform from Google called Google Trips which can be accessed by We're also adding a few new features to make planning and organizing your trips easier.

There are a lot of travel apps out there but if you don't feel like downloading another app and if you mostly use Google to look for things like flights, hotels, restaurants, etc, then this new tool from the tech giant will be really helpful for you.

The company has also begun automatically adding some trip reservations sent to users of the company's Gmail email service and adding them to a user's Google Calendar.

This is a concept which has never been seen before and Google is not copying any platform. Google also reveals its plans while launching Google Trips on Desktop. But what if you don't want Google recording your entire thought process as you plan?

Recent searches, saved places and flights you're tracking are added automatically to your trips when you're signed into your Google Account.

Building on some of the features introduced previous year, Google now makes it possible to edit your trip timeline directly from the travel hub, and the ability to manually add reservations is coming in a few weeks as well. As per Google, Trips will before long show lodgings you've viewed in the event that regardless you have to make booking arrangements.

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