Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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Here's why Apple is so vulnerable to a trade war with China

Here's why Apple is so vulnerable to a trade war with China

The latest leak regarding Apple's iPhone 11 points to a few exciting features that will come loaded in the handset. Apple's total revenue for the year was $265.6 billion.

Not only would it standardize the charging experience, but it would make it easier for us to connect our iPhones to our Macs (do we really need a dongle to do that right now!?) and use a whole host of peripherals compatible with other devices.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman tweeted a photos of what appears to be pieces of the glass casing to be used for the next-generation iPhone XR.

Based on Gurman's recent report, Apple's chip manufacturer TSMC has started producing the new processor that will be powering this year's Apple iPhones.

For those hoping that Apple will alter the design of their trio of 2019 iPhones, here's some bad news for you as the iPhone 11 family will look similar to the two-year-old design of the iPhone X, at least from the front.

With the third camera in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, Apple will be providing an ultra-wide angle lens that can give broader zooming range. Well, it's exciting to see what new models will bring for the users.

One of the most common complaints about the iPhone is the battery life, and whilst newer models hold more than enough juice for day-long browsing and chatting, there's no harm in adding a little more.

Whenever new tariffs are announced, investors must keep an eye on the details because it's possible that some of Apple's products could get caught in the crossfire. Apple has shed about $75 billion of market value since last Friday, a slide that removes it much further from the $1 trillion valuation it seemed nearer to reclaiming not long ago.

We still don't know what the phones will actually be called, but considering how early we knew the names of both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR previous year, it's only a matter of time before these leak as well.

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