Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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Minecraft Earth melds blocky biomes with the real world

Minecraft Earth melds blocky biomes with the real world

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Minecraft already has a massive user base, many of which will no doubt be excited to give the mobile AR variant a whirl.

While the foundation of the game seems to be set around the construction aspect, there will also be a survival aspect to the game where you have to fend off creeps, and a cultivation system where mobs (Minecraft's term for animals) can be crossbred to create new creatures for either your public or private creations.

Microsoft is working on an augmented reality version of Minecraft that will bring the block-building craze into the real world.

The only game we really have to compare it with is Pokemon GO but the two don't actually appear to be that similar.

"Minecraft" is the insanely popular game which allows players to build their own creations by collecting resources and is available for both mobile devices and consoles. We haven't seen the game in action yet so there's still plenty to learn about Minecraft Earth, but judging from the details Microsoft and Mojang shared today, it at least sounds like a promising title. You'll be able to buy in-game items, but Microsoft ensures us there will be no loot boxes present. As you take on Adventures, you'll gain experience to progress in your career.

During a demo of Minecraft Earth at developer Mojang's office in Stockholm, Shuber placed his own build of a tall, intricate castle on the reception area pool table. It's not clear exactly how they'll work, but McHugh described the mode as a "life-sized experience" that could incorporate things like lava and hostile or friendly mobs in addition to rarer resources.

Collaborative multiplayer! Optimized for social multiplayer experiences, anyone with an AR-capable smartphone and "Minecraft Earth" installed will be able to join your session quickly and have fun together. We dropped a few chickens and cows into the world, and cackled as they fell into the pit.

Here's the trailer for Minecraft Earth, which is undoubtedly going to take over the world and lead to all sorts of wild stories. You'll be using the camera more, is what I'm saying.

Microsoft isn't releasing the game just yet so you will have to wait till late summer for the closed beta.

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