Published: Sat, May 18, 2019
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Tattoo inks recalled over bacterial contamination, FDA says

Tattoo inks recalled over bacterial contamination, FDA says

If you're a tattoo artist or considering getting a new tattoo, you'll want to check to make sure the ink is safe.

FDA officials said they are working with manufacturers and retailers to remove the contaminated products from the market.

The Food and Drug Administration is advising consumers, tattoo artists and retailers of tattoo inks to avoid using or selling certain inks.

One of them is the popular black ink made by Dynamic Color.

Six kinds of tattoo inks were recalled Wednesday after recent inspections found bacteria that could be harmful human health.

It said six inks manufactured by Scalp Aesthetics, Dynamic Color and Color Art could be contaminated with microorganisms that can be risky when injected into the skin.

People who believe they have an issue with tattoo ink should contact their healthcare provider and are asked to report to MedWatch: FDA's Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program.

The administration says inks contaminated with microorganisms can cause infections and lead to serious health problems when used during the tattooing procedure. They pose the risk of serious infection and injury. Some tattoo infections can also result in permanent scarring.

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