Published: Tue, May 21, 2019

Indonesia's Joko Widodo wins second term as president

Indonesia's Joko Widodo wins second term as president

A coalition of parties backing Widodo won more than half the votes in last month's national level legislative election, gaining control of parliament, the official results showed.

"We had given chance to KPU to improve the whole process (of vote counting) so it would reflect an honest and fair election, but KPU did not follow this up, therefore we, the No. 2 presidential pair, reject all vote tabulation for the presidential election that was announced in the early hours of May 21", Mr Prabowo told reporters at a press conference.

Declaring victory, Widodo said he and his running mate, conservative cleric Ma'ruf Amin, "will be the president and vice president of all the people in Indonesia".

"We will be the leaders and protectors of all Indonesians", he declared as his rival repeated claims of widespread cheating.

The official result released by the General Election Commission (KPU) confirms unofficial counts by private pollsters of the April 17 election, giving Widodo a comfortable victory, though it could trigger a legal challenge and potential street protests after Prabowo claimed widespread cheating.

Heavily armed security stood guard outside the election commission in central Jakarta, some accompanied by police dogs.

The formal result was nearly the same as the preliminary "quick count" results drawn from a sample of polling station s on election day.

Indonesia has tightened security in the capital Jakarta in recent days to prevent any civil unrest amid plans by Islamist groups to mount protests against the results at the KPU headquarters.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Joko Widodo who has been re-elected as President of Indonesia.

Sufmi Dasco Ahmad, the legal director of Prabowo's campaign team, confirmed it planned to contest the result in the Constitutional Court.

Subianto ran a fear-based campaign, emphasising what he sees as Indonesia's weakness and the risk of exploitation by foreign powers or disintegration.

"We won't give up in the face of this injustice, cheating, lies, and these actions against democracy", Azis Subekti, a witness from Prabowo's campaign team, was quoted as saying by Reuters news agency.

The losing party can lodge a challenge at Indonesia's Constitutional Court, although similar action in 2014 ultimately failed. Otherwise, the commission will officially declare the victor by May 28.

Subianto declared himself the victor last month and in a video released after results were announced Tuesday again refused to concede defeat but called on supporters to refrain from violence.

The police have also detained dozens of militants and warned of a possible attack by terrorists loyal to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), who may be targeting its officers as well as people during street rallies.

Widodo won more than 85 million votes of a total of 154 million cast in the world's third-largest democracy, though after repeated claims of fraud by the Prabowo campaign an opposition official said it would launch a legal challenge.

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