Published: Sat, June 08, 2019
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Chillicothe VA launches new care options

Chillicothe VA launches new care options

Veterans can work with their VA health care provider or other VA staff to see if they are eligible for community care based on the new criteria.

The changes come as part of the Veterans Affairs Department's Mission Act.

The VA health care system is integral in the everyday lives of Paralyzed Veterans of America members. Thanks to the new VCCP, veterans will now have the option of getting care when and where they need it, which is especially important in our large district where a number of veterans live outside of a 30-minute drive from a VA medical facility.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) launched its new and improved Veterans Community Care Program Thursday.

Under the new rules, the VA will cover medical costs for vets to see non-VA doctors if they have to wait more than 20 days for an appointment or if their primary or mental healthcare provider is further than a 30-minute drive.

Under the Mission Act, the VA will consolidate seven existing programs that pay for veterans' care outside the VA system, including Veterans Choice, into one.

A veteran qualifies under the "grandfather" provision related to distance eligibility under the Veterans Choice Program. Veterans served by Lebanon VAMC may call the MISSION Act Call Center at 717-272-6621 and press 6 or visit the MISSION Act information table located in the Building 17 Lobby during normal business hours through the end of June. The Community Care program does not diminish the VA's obligation to directly provide care and continue improving its services, the agency said.

Lebanon VAMC is one of 170 medical centers in the nation with the sole objective of providing world-class medical care to America's Veterans.

Non-VA providers hope the program will improve their ability to share patient data with VA facilities and receive timely payment for serving veterans. "What we're actually doing is streamlining the are for community care". It's a bipartisan effort to ensure that our veterans have access to the high-quality care they earned after wearing the uniform of the United States.

Brahm says the staff at the Tomah VA have been training for months to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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