Published: Wed, June 12, 2019

Marvel's Avengers videogame revealed: Watch the trailer

Marvel's Avengers videogame revealed: Watch the trailer

Square Enix has also announced a partnership with PlayStation on Marvel's Avengers, which it will share more information about-including "surprises for PlayStation players"-in the future".

Some details about the game leaked prior to E3 2019 in an accidental listing on the E3 Coliseum website, which was later removed.

Crystal also revealed that "Avengers" will be spanning several years through a "growing roster of heroes", new locations and ever-escalating threats to fight. This upcoming superhero adventure will include an original story featuring Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America. It's being developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, the teams behind Tomb Raider and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

The game begins on Avengers Day, day where the Avengers are celebrated.

Many have highlighted the graphical quality, which for a game releasing in 2020 seems fairly weak, as well as the Avenger's cast themselves, which bear no resemblance to their big screen counterparts.

Fast forward five years later and the Avengers have disbanded and superheroes in general have been outlawed. Nolan North is Iron Man; Troy Baker is Bruce Banner; Travis Willingham is Thor; Laura Bailey is Black Widow; and Jeff Schine is Captain America. Concerning Marvel's Avengers gameplay, the developer stated that its goal was to make each character feel unique, as if the game itself was tailored to that specific character when exploring the narrative campaign.

MCU fans can rejoice as Avengers have assembled not for a movie but for the game which you can play on Xbox or PlayStation. He shrunk a huge robot using a weapon and we believe it could be Hank Pym aka Ant-Man.

The new Avengers feels like the next stage in a new era for Marvel console games.

Anyone who pre-orders Marvel's Avengers will gain access to the game's beta, and those who pre-order on PS4 will get exclusive first access.

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