Published: Wed, June 12, 2019

Radiohead releases 18 hours of OK Computer sessions to thwart hackers

Radiohead releases 18 hours of OK Computer sessions to thwart hackers

"OK Computer" met with universal praise upon its release and helped forge the legend of a band that would become one of the most acclaimed of the next two decades.

Greenwood's note confirms that the files were initially hacked from a minidisc archive belonging to Thom Yorke, and makes reference to a rumor that the hacker demanded a $150,000 ransom from the band to refrain from releasing the material.

In response, Radiohead have went and ahead re-leaked the entire 18 hours via Bandcamp.

'So instead of complaining - much - or ignoring it, we're releasing all 18 hours on Bandcamp in aid of Extinction Rebellion. The details warranting the "HACKED" descriptor are fuzzy at best - Greenwood himself used the word "reportedly" while describing the hackers's monetary demands, and it is unclear whether physical discs were stolen, or if Yorke's computer got hacked.

Radiohead have released an 18-track collection of demos recorded around the time they were piecing together their 1997 album OK Computer. The album is "very, very long". If this sounds exactly like the sort of thing that tickles your fancy and you would absolutely love to give money to an organisation fighting climate change, you can find the Bandcamp right here. "Not a phone download", he warned fans, adding: "Rainy out, isn't it though?" The band uploaded almost 18 hours of recordings from the OK Computer sessions, now titled MINIDISCS [HACKED], onto their Bandcamp page, asking £18 (~$22).

Instead of bowing to pressure from the hacker, the stars chose to drop all of the tunes on online music site Bandcamp, under the title Minidiscs (Hacked), and allow fans to purchase the whole package for themselves for $23, with profits benefiting the socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion.

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