Published: Wed, June 12, 2019

Red Sox executives pledge support for David Ortiz and family

Red Sox executives pledge support for David Ortiz and family

Enraged fans captured Féliz Garcia, the 25-year-old motorcyclist, and beat him bloody before handing him over to police, but the gunman was still at large Tuesday. A message reading "We send our love to David Ortiz" was flashed on one of the ballpark's scoreboards.

"They're definitely looking at a police officer in the shooting, " the source said.

According to reports, citing police and witnesses, Ortiz was shot in the back at close range, with the bullet exiting through the front of his torso.

The surgery lasted about six hours, with doctors removing parts of his intestines, colon and gall bladder, ESPN reported, citing Leo Lopez, a spokesman for Ortiz.

The motorcycle driver has been identified as Eddy Feliz Garcia, who on Tuesday evening was charged with attempted homicide and criminal association, according to his lawyer, Bunel Ramirez Meran.

The Red Sox announced an air ambulance carrying Ortiz from the Dominican Republic arrived in Boston on Monday night. Leo Ortiz told local media he had no idea why his son would have been targeted.

Police said Ortiz was shot at almost point-blank range by a man identified as Eddy Feliz Garcia, 25.

Red Sox officials have vowed to do everything they can to help Ortiz in his recovery, with team president Sam Kennedy describing him as one of the "most beloved players in our history".

Garcia apparently tried to flee the nightclub after the shooting, but onlookers immediately stopped and attacked him before he was turned over to police and taken to a hospital for treatment.

"We had our times where it was not easy", Francona said.

Ortiz is expected to remain in the ICU "for the next several days".

Jhoel Lopez, a Dominican television host, was shot in the leg, and his injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Ortiz hit 541 home runs with 1,768 RBIs in 2,408 games in the majors.

El Nuevo Diario published what it said was security camera footage of the moment of the shooting.

The news of the shooting brought an outpouring of support on social media Monday morning, many of them remembering the role Ortiz played in helping the city to recover from the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013.

Ortiz was a three-time World Series champion and 10-time MLB All-Star as a member of the Red Sox before he retired in 2016.

His wife Tiffany Ortiz announced that the surgery was successful and that he's in stable condition in a statement provided by the Boston Red Sox.

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