Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Detailed at E3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Detailed at E3

The gameplay showed eight-player co-op where friends can hunt ghosts together.

Speaking of muyltiplayer, a new scarescraper mode gives players a tower of multiple rooms and floors to play through, and this mode can be tackled via local multiplayer or online.

The rest of the game is full of improvements over the first two, as Luigi can now jump using the Poltergust with a Burst function.

A release date for Luigi's Mansion 3 was not announced today during the Nitendo E3 Direct presentation, but we were given another look at the upcoming title.

Luigi's new tool this time around is the Poltergust G-00, which adds some more functionality to Luigi's trusty vacuum-weapon. However, Gooigi does have a weakness - he doesn't do well in areas with water, as he'll get washed away.

New to Luigi's ghost-busting arsenal this go-round is Gooigi, a gelatinous double of the nail-biting hero, who can slip through grates and is impervious to spikes.

In addition to playing as Luigi, gamers will often control Gooigi, a gooey creation of Professor E.Gadd. As with all other Switch multiplayer games, you'll need a Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to play with other gamers online.

We certainly hope so, but at the moment we are unsure if any NFC figures are planned for this game. Since the New Mario Maker 2 game doesn't feature amiibo support, it's also possible that this game won't either. See our disclosure policy for more details.

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