Published: Thu, June 13, 2019
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Uber Eats will test food drone delivery in San Diego Summer 2019

Uber Eats will test food drone delivery in San Diego Summer 2019

Uber's plans for flight expand well beyond flying cars for transporting people.

Uber and San Diego were granted the winning bid by the Federal Aviation Administration a year ago to test the new delivery service, according to the company.

The Uber Eats drone announcement is just one of the updates out of Uber's "Elevate" arm, which is dedicated to pursuing Uber's aerial travel business. Couriers will then collect the deliveries and carry them the last leg of the journey.

Here's how Uber says the system will work: After a restaurant loads the meal into the drone and the drone takes off, a system will notify a nearby Uber Eats delivery partner to meet the drone at a drop-off location.

Uber said it had developed a proprietary airspace management system called Elevate Cloud Systems that will guide the drones to their location.

Initial testing in San Diego was done with McDonald's, and will be expanded to include additional Uber Eats restaurants later this year.

The self-driving Volvo XC90 SUV, announced at the Uber Elevate Summit on Wednesday, will be the first Uber autonomous vehicle created to drive itself without the need for a human "mission specialist" driver behind the wheel, TechCrunch reports.

The two companies entered into a joint agreement in 2016 to develop autonomous cars.

In addition to Volvo's built-in back-up systems, an array of sensors atop and built into the vehicle are designed for Uber's self-driving system to safely operate and maneuver in an urban environment. This is the third auto they've developed together.

"Working in close cooperation with companies like Volvo is a key ingredient to effectively building a safe, scalable, self-driving fleet", said Eric Meyhofer, CEO of Uber Advanced Technologies Group in a statement.

Volvo Cars plans to use a similar autonomous base vehicle concept for the introduction of its future autonomous drive cars in the early 2020s.

Uber also unveiled the latest versions of its electric bikes and scooters that round out its shared transportation system.

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