Published: Fri, June 14, 2019

Accused David Ortiz gunman may be connected to NJ robbery

Accused David Ortiz gunman may be connected to NJ robbery

With Lebron and Alvarez now connected to the shooting, more than 12 people currently are implicated in the case, as police search for answers. Minutes later, you can see the gunman walk up to Ortiz and open fire.

Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz, 25, of Reading, Pennsylvania, was charged on January 5, 2018, with multiple counts of armed robbery, aggravated assault, employing a juvenile in the commission of a crime and various weapons offenses, including possession of hollow point bullets for the Clifton robberies, according to a release from the Passaic County Prosecutor's Office.

The plan for the apparent attempted assassination of David Ortiz might have been birthed from behind bars.

Charges were not filed in court today however, a spokesperson told Pozo that likely charges will include, accomplice to attempted murder and attempted murder. Garcia's lawyer has said his client, a motorcycle taxi driver, unwittingly picked up Cruz as a fare.

Authorities say the suspects were offered $8,000 to kill Ortiz.

"I know, from the video and the information that's been put out, that he's one of those responsible, and he needs to pay for what he's done, " the father said. They said the coordinator of the attack was among those arrested, but they have not said who they think might've ordered the shooting.

The Red Sox team sent a plane to the Dominican Republic to fly Ortiz back to the US for treatment.

Earlier in the day, Berks County District Attorney John Adams said he believes Luis Rivas-Clase - who is being sought in the Ortiz shooting - to be the suspect wanted for a Reading, Pennsylvania, shooting in 2018.

"David remains in guarded condition in the surgical intensive care unit following his second surgery", the statement continued.

His wife, Tiffany Ortiz, said in a statement released by the Red Sox that he "is making good progress towards recovery", and he's been able to sit up and take some steps.

Several news outlets have reported that Acosta is the nephew of well-known Dominican sports commentator Franklin Mirabal.

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