Published: Wed, July 10, 2019

Amazon and Google are finally supporting each other's streaming TV devices

Amazon and Google are finally supporting each other's streaming TV devices

As of today, Amazon Prime Video is available on Google's Chromecast and Android TV devices, and the YouTube app is back on Fire TV.

As their businesses continue to overlap, the rivalry between Amazon and Google grew, and the two companies started to pull their own services from each other's platforms, ensuring the other couldn't yield any benefits from their own services. So, it steered people toward Fire TVs. Amazon says it'll expand YouTube app support to more Fire TV devices in the coming months, and we're hoping that also includes the noticeably absent Echo Show. That was, apparently, enough to get Amazon to the negotiating table. Google said additional Android TV smart TVs, set-top boxes and streaming devices will also soon have Prime Video.

The first evidence that the spat might be resolved came in December 2018 when Amazon began stocking Chromecast products again.

Now, it all comes to fruition. The new YouTube app will be the default YouTube experience for customers using a compatible Fire TV device, effective immediately. It has full Alexa voice control integration and 4K HDR streaming.

You can now download the official YouTube app on Amazon's Fire TV Stick (second-generation and Basic Edition), Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Edition smart TVs, with support for other devices arriving over time. Amazon says that YouTube TV and YouTube Kids launching later this year. And so it was becoming increasingly risky for Google to not have Prime Video available on the Chromecast. A note for Chromecast users: You'll need the latest Prime Video app and Android 5.0 or higher (or iOS 10.1 or higher on your phone or tablet) to receive the update.

This will bring thousands more titles to each company's streaming devices.

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