Published: Wed, July 10, 2019
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HPV Vaccine To Be Offered To Boys From September 2019

HPV Vaccine To Be Offered To Boys From September 2019

Teenage girls have received the jab since 2008 but the Government has now announced boys in Year 8, aged 12 and 13, will also receive it from the start of this school year.

It's thought that HPV is linked to 5% of all cancers, including cervical, penile, anal and genital cancers and certain head and neck cancers. And for full protection, boys who have been given parental consent to have the jab will need two doses: the first dose in year 8, and the second follow-up dose six months to two years later.

Two doses are needed to be fully protected.

Giving boys the jab also protects girls from HPV, which is passed on through sexual contact.

It causes 99 per cent of cervical cancers, 90 per cent of anal, around 70 per cent of vaginal and vulvar cancers and more than 60 per cent of penile cancers.

PHE estimates that 85,000 cancers will be prevented in women, including 64,000 cases of cervical cancer, and 29,000 in men in the United Kingdom by 2058, thanks to the vaccine.

More than 10 million doses have been given to girls in England since 2008, when the vaccine became available to young women on the NHS.

Public Health England found that since the jab was introduced infections of some types of HPV (HPV 16/18) in 16 to 21 year old women have reduced by 86 per cent in England.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "almost every person who is sexually active will get HPV at some time in their life if they don't get the HPV vaccine". Experts predict that we could be on our way toward eliminating cervical cancer for good.

"It's important not to delay the vaccination, as it may be less effective as adolescents get older".

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the name for a group of viruses that affect your skin and the moist membranes lining your body. Cervical cancer is now the most common cancer in women under 35, killing around 850 women each year. If they miss out on the vaccination for any reason they should talk to their school nurse or immunisation team about getting the vaccine at a later date.

Public health minister Seema Kennedy added: 'Programmes like this are at the heart of our work to help people live longer, healthier lives through the NHS long term plan and I would encourage everyone who is eligible to take up this potentially life-saving vaccine'.

"Now, we have the tools for eradicating most of the HPV-related cancers for women and men", said Director of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine's Vaccine Center, Prof.

Boys in the United Kingdom will be given the HPV jab from September in a bid to wipe out cervical cancer and prevent thousands of cases of other cancers, the Government has announced.

"Whatever we can do to prevent more people from being diagnosed with cancer can only be a positive thing and the fact that it is going to be offered to boys is fantastic".

In most cases, HPV goes away on its own.

PHE said there will be no catch-up programme for older boys aged 13 to 18. I think it is so important for women and boys to take up the HPV vaccine.

Other types of HPV infection can cause minor problems, such as warts and verrucas.

So, the health officials in the United Kingdom suggested that it is better to vaccinate young boys and girls before they become sexually active.

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