Published: Thu, July 11, 2019

Spain court rules 43-year-old man is son of Julio Iglesias

Spain court rules 43-year-old man is son of Julio Iglesias

A judge in Spain has found there is sufficient evidence to rule that a 43-year-old man is the biological son of Julio Iglesias even though the singer refused to have a DNA test.

"(The judge) declares that Julio Iglesias is his (Santos's) biological father", the court in Valencia, Spain said in a statement.

The judge said Wednesday that the famous crooner's refusal to have a DNA test, along with other evidence, is enough to rule in favor of the paternity suit brought by Javier Sánchez.

The judge also said there was evidence that Iglesias and Edite had contact at around the time that Sanchez was conceived, which means that "the possibility that sexual relations took place between them is not unlikely nor preposterous".

The judge's decision was based on the testimony of María Edite, a former ballerina, who said she had a one-week affair with Iglesias in Sant Feliu de Guíxols on the Costa Brava in 1975 and that Santos was born as a result of that relationship.

The new trial began after lawyer Fernando Osuna argued that new DNA evidence from the U.S. by an investigator was a 99.9% match. "Julio Iglesias lost. Science wins, lack of reason lost", he added.

Iglesias's lawyer, Fernando Falomir, told AFP his client will appeal the ruling on the grounds that the issue had already been "resolved" by the courts. It was reopened, however, after a private investigator obtained evidence from a water bottle left on a Miami beach by Julio Iglesias Jr. while he was surfing in 2017.

Iglesias, 75, has sold more than 300 million records in 14 languages, making him the best-selling Latin artist ever. Osuna claimed DNA testing showed that Santos and Iglesias Jr were brothers.

"Javier won the trial". Iglesias has been married twice, to Isabel Preysler with whom he had three children, and to Miranda Rijnsburger, his current wife with whom he has five.

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