Published: Thu, July 11, 2019

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory child star Denise Nickerson dies

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory child star Denise Nickerson dies

She famously played Violet Beauregarde, the third of the five children who got the chance to enter Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

In earlier updates on social media, her family said she had pneumonia and had experienced several seizures.

"She's had seizures this morning and is in pulmonary and respiratory distress".

In the 1971 "Willy Wonka" adaptation starring Gene Wilder, Nickerson played one of the spoiled children who wins a tour of the chocolate factory. "Rent, bills, groceries. Jasmine is not working due to her caring for Denise and trying to apply for jobs while home sick and pregnant, and Josh is missing work from both jobs to be here in the hospital".

In July 2018 Jasmine wrote, 'They had to move her to a room where they can monitor her more closely.

She went into semi-retirement as an actress at the age of 21, acting sporadically and working in doctor's offices as a receptionist and an accountant. Nickerson's family confirmed the news on Facebook, simply writing, "She's gone". At the moment, her condition has worsened to the point where her family have now taken Denise off life support.

Nickerson, who suffered a stroke previous year, was at home Monday and, according to her family, she got into her meds at home and took as many as she could.

On Facebook, they wrote: "They just took off all the equipment".

She starred as Violet Beauregarde in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

She added, 'The temporary feeding tube was also removed (by her own doing is entirely plausible) so she's not as agitated'.

Her career also saw her appear in roles on The Brady Bunch, Dark Shadows and The Electric Company.

In the hit movie, her character loses out on winning the factory after she is unable to resist a chewing gum meal that turns her into a giant blueberry. They told TMZ at the time that they chose to remove the respirator and stopped giving her medicine once it became apparent that she would not be able to recover.

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