Published: Sat, July 13, 2019

Angry Bagel Shop Guy Has a Truly Insane YouTube Account

Angry Bagel Shop Guy Has a Truly Insane YouTube Account

That said, the diminutive ball of vitriol seems to harp on the fact that women on dating sites reject him because of his height.

He's also reportedly considering pressing charges against the man who tackled him.

One day after the incident, workers said they were still shaken up, but the bagel store took everything in stride. "You think I'm making that [expletive] up?" he answers, turning back around to face his bagel shop audience.

"Everywhere I go I get the same f-- smirk with the biting lip!" In footage captured during the incident, he can be heard complaining about being treated poorly because he's short and how women apparently don't want to be with him.

The weird Bay Shore, New York exchange was posted to social media Wednesday from a Long Island Bagel Boss location by Diana Reyes and a second woman identifying herself on Twitter as Olivia Shea/Bradley.

In a video posted on Twitter Wednesday morning, an irate man in a NY state bagel shop gets tackled and punched by a fellow customer after picking a fight with several people trying to defuse the situation.

Since then, the man has reportedly been identified by the Post as having a YouTube channel containing footage of himself confronting neighbors and other shop employees. "The girl was just smiling, minding her business", Fedorka said.

Other customers were asking him to calm down, but it appears that his frustration got the better of him at the moment.

"He is our hero", the manager told the Post, praising the customer who put the angry man's tirade to an end.

You're not God, or my father. He told the Post that people are calling him nonstop and odd women are seeking his attention. Tell me you like me on dates and then you take my money, cut me off.

A man was tackled after an obscene rant in a bagel store.

"I'm exhausted of women using me, abusing me, lying to my face, telling me you like me on dates and then you take my money, you cut me off, and you say I'm too short when you're about my height". They were giving away free mini-bagels to any customer who came in and mentioned the video.

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