Published: Sat, July 13, 2019

Family Affair: Bolsonaro Wants Son Eduardo to Become Brazil's Ambassador to US

Family Affair: Bolsonaro Wants Son Eduardo to Become Brazil's Ambassador to US

"In my opinion, he can be the right person and could present the message perfectly in Washington", Brazil's right-wing leader told reporters in Brasilia on Thursday. "He's friends with Donald Trump's children".

Bolsonaro said the appointment hinges on acceptance by Eduardo, now a federal congressman.

Carlos Bolsonaro, another son of the president and a Rio de Janeiro city councilman, has taken an active role in his father's social media communications and stirred controversy by attacking members of the Brazilian cabinet. Senate opposition leader Randolfe Rodrigues tweeted: "It's absurd that he's even being considered".

Eduardo Bolsonaro was Brazil's most voted for congressman and plays a key part in his father's political movement. Bolsonaro wants to govern in his backyard, extending (the government) to his family.

The appointment of a president's son would be unprecedented in the diplomatic history of Brazil, where ambassadors are usually career diplomats, columnist Diogo Schelp wrote.

A 2008 Supreme Court decision prohibits Brazilian authorities from nominating close family members to official posts, but the ruling was vague and Bolsonaro's allies argue it doesn't apply in this case.

The congressman added he had already "fried hamburgers" in the United States and "improved my English" there, the daily Folha de Sao Paulo reported.

Eduardo Bolsonaro said he would be willing to leave the Congress to take the position of ambassador to the United States.

The far-right Brazilian president, who said his campaign past year was inspired by US President Donald Trump, has made friendly overtures to the American leader and made similar use of family members as official advisers. "Brazil is not in the top 10", Stuenkel said.

The position of ambassador has been vacant since April.

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