Published: Sat, July 13, 2019

Truck Spills $175K on Georgia Highway

Truck Spills $175K on Georgia Highway

Money literally littered a road in Georgia on Tuesday evening after the door of a moving armored truck opened and legal tender spilled out.

About 8 p.m., police responded to 911 calls that more than 15 vehicles had stopped on the busy interstate to pick up money that had fallen off an armored vehicle.

The driver said the side door flew open, sending money onto the interstate. Investigators will be trying to locate them from their tag numbers seen in the video.

Local police say officers and the armoured truck crew gathered a few hundred dollars that was still there when officers arrived, but plenty was taken.

Though the money was all over the road, taking the cash is still a crime, and several people have returned the money they found to the police. "My instinct was to pull over and collect as much as I can", said Lewis. "Everybody started pulling over and it was insane".

Police said that five people had returned money by Wednesday night and about $4,400 has been recovered, according to the station.

Meanwhile, videos circulating on social media show the frenzy caused by the spilled cash.

A Reddit user who shared the video only 20 minutes after the incident said it was $1 bills.

"So, believe it or not, some people have been returning the money", cops said in another statement.

"People likely saw the police lights coming over the highway", Parsons said.

There were no reported accidents Tuesday night, but Dunwoody police warned commuters who were stopping on Wednesday to scour the road for money that "THERE IS NO MORE MONEY!"

Lewis said the money had been weighing on his heart and when he learned it was considered theft, he turned it over to police. "But those people who do have it, they need to bring it back".

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