Published: Sat, July 13, 2019

Trump says immigrant deportations to start this weekend in 10 cities

Trump says immigrant deportations to start this weekend in 10 cities

That means that they will not team up with ICE to detain any resident. ICE reportedly plans to target 10 major USA cities - Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City and San Francisco.

Democrats are banding together to remind immigrants of their rights when facing law enforcement. Both the New York Times and Miami Herald confirmed with law-enforcement sources that mass immigration arrests will likely occur this weekend.

Murphy's message comes in a week that Ocean County officials announced that they planned to sue the state over the immigration directives that limit jail cooperation with ICE, as well as a week in which Attorney General Gurbir Grewal sparred with the elected sheriffs of Monmouth and Cape May counties over their behind-the-scenes renewal of cooperation agreements with ICE.

"I have an obligation to do it", Trump told reporters at the White House on Friday.

Democrats and advocacy groups are raising concerns over the latest reports that the Trump administration is planning to ramp up its enforcement efforts and conduct immigration raids across the country on Sunday.

"Our communities have been in constant fear", Estela Vara, a Chicago-area organizer said Thursday at a rally outside the city's Immigration and Custom Enforcement offices where some activists chanted "Immigration Not Deportation!"

The lawsuit argues that constitutional due process requires the government to bring arrested families and children before an immigration judge so they can have a day in court before facing deportation.

"The people that will be apprehended have been ordered to be deported".

Trump has deported fewer people than his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

The New York Times reported Thursday that ICE would begin to arrest "thousands of members of undocumented families" nationwide beginning Sunday, citing one former and two current homeland security officials. Those families will be sent to facilities in Texas and Pennsylvania, but they also might be held in hotel rooms because space is limited. "We haven't been notified about who is being targeted".

Then he abruptly canceled it after a phone call with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Md., while lawmakers worked to pass a $4.6 billion border aid package. "This brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart", Pelosi said during her weekly news conference.

"People are coming into this country illegally, we are taking them out legally", Trump told reporters on Friday, calling it a "major operation" that would mainly focus on removing criminals.

"Anytime we see a policy like this come up, we definitely see a heightened fear in anxiety, stress in our families, and especially some of the children that don't know what is going to be happening day-to-day", Brunner said.

'Remember: no one can enter your home without a *judicial warrant.*' she advised.

In Trump's first year, ICE arrested 109,000 criminals and 46,000 people without criminal records - a 171% increase in the number of non-criminal individuals arrested compared to 2016.

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