Published: Sun, July 14, 2019
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Minecraft Earth AR Gaming Experience Hits Beta, Here's How To Register

Minecraft Earth AR Gaming Experience Hits Beta, Here's How To Register

The initial release will be closed beta so only a limited number of people in different locations will be able to access the latest version. Naturally, they're called "tappables" in Minecraft Earth. However, instead of catching things in public like most AR games, players will be building in public. The new Game, Minecraft Earth is an adventure packed game which can overlay an augmented reality over the real world layout. It's just one of the many questions being asked.

Minecraft quickly became extremely popular after its initial launch in 2011 because of its simple but imaginative approach to world creation and gameplay.

Collecting these will help you level up, and once enough materials have been collected you can start building on any flat surface using a "Build Plate", a small section of the Minecraft Earth world.

After appearing on the Microsoft conference stage at E3 2019 in Los Angeles, we talk about Minecraft Earth, the new title of Mojang inspired by Pokémon GO and coming to iOS and Android. In this mode, players can find and collect blocks such as grass, fences, stones and so forth as well as discover and collect animals such as pigs and cows. Microsoft began to talk up Minecraft Earth in May, and for those who liked what Microsoft was cooking up, the beta for the game is now available. It was promised that the beta version will be out soon in the summer for developers and experimentation to come up as well. However, please keep in mind, those are just guesses and the official release date could be pushed to next year.

Microsoft has revealed that the closed beta for its upcoming mobile AR game Minecraft Earth is set to go live in the next two weeks, alongside a video that gives us a very clear picture of how it plays. All it takes is you, your phone, and your imagination.

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