Published: Sun, July 14, 2019
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Video shows McDowell fighting police officer during arrest

Video shows McDowell fighting police officer during arrest

Malik McDowell, the former 35th overall pick by the Seattle Seahawks in the 2017 NFL Draft, was involved in a violent dispute with a police officer at a gas station in Lathrup Village, Michigan back in February.

During the stop, which happened in front of the Marathon Gas Station at 12 Mile and Southfield, McDowell appears to be stumbling and the officer can be heard telling him to stay in his vehicle. As a police officer asked for his license and registration, McDowell refused and repeatedly demanded to speak to a supervisor.

He pulled into the gas station, where he was followed by police, who then demanded he get back into his auto.

The two appear to struggle at which point the officer warns McDowell that he will Taser him if he continues to refuse arrest.

McDowell sits down but refuses to conform with the absorbing officer and is in the damage hit with the Taser.

McDowell was eventually charged with 2 counts of felony assaulting and resisting, 1 misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated and misdemeanor driving on a suspended license.

"After a prolonged support-and-forth, McDowell, at 6'6", stands up and walks into the gasoline quandary comfort retailer while the officer makes an try to arrest him.

The free agent and ancient Michigan Allege defensive form out became as soon as pulled over after authorities reportedly witnessed his jeep spinning out while speeding.

The officer was eventually able to subdue McDowell before backup arrived to help put him in handcuffs and lead him to a squad vehicle.

The second officer also claimed McDowell attempted to take her gun.

Defensive lineman Malik McDowell of Michigan State looks on during day five of the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on March 5, 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Another officer comes in and helps subdue McDowell.

But TMZ obtained and released surveillance footage of the Detroit native's arrest on Tuesday.

McDowell has never played in an National Football League regular-season game.

Despite having all sorts of talent on the field, McDowell was waived by the Seahawks in July 2018 after suffering a concussion and facial injuries in an ATV accident. In May of 2019, the Seattle Seahawks filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in MI seeking repayment of a almost $800,000 of the signing bonus given to former draft pick, claiming he violated his National Football League contract.

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